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Give your audio company the product sourcing edge that you need
to be successful. Wholesale audio club started in 1999. We are A+ rated with over 80
Five Star Reviews. We are professional and friendly. Get your companies username
and password to the wholesale audio club secret site for dealers only. Also
enjoy getting calls and emails directly from our network of master wholesale distributors.

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Bottom Line: By comparing wholesale pricing from 200+ distributors

You will increase your audio stores profit margins.

Hundreds of real master wholesale distributors are uncovered. Thousands of consumer
electronics products are stacked high and sold cheap. Start up your new business
with very little initial investment. Drop ship services are available as well so you won't need to buy in large quantities or hold any inventory if you don't want to.


All 3 Membership Packages Are Lifetime Memberships.

No Monthly Charges and No Yearly Renewal Fee's.

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1. Our service will connect your business with the best brands and pricing. We
have a large group of Master Distributors in our data-base that we actually contact for your business!
Instead of playing the "hit and miss" game while trying to locate and connect with real wholesale
distributors, our top rated service instantly connects your business with multiple legitimate master distributors
and drop shippers of Music Instruments, Home Audio, Consumer Electronics and Car Audio here
in the United States. We have spent the last 20+ years attending the real B2B Drop Shipping (business to business) wholesale trade shows. The public is not allowed at the wholesale trade shows. We have uncovered the best of the best wholesale distributors for you. Most importantly, we have established solid relationships
with the best of the best. This took many years and would take you many years as well. Get a jump
start on your business and see results in as little as 24 hours.

2. The cost of our service is a tax write off. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

3. Our wholesale service packages are 100% guaranteed. Either you are pleased with the results, or you get
your money back! (again, nothing to lose)

4. The distributors in our network tend to grant wholesale accounts to our members when perhaps your company
may otherwise be denied due to being new to the business (without membership with us). This is because
they know that we give you the basic knowledge you will need to conduct business in the proper way. When
you sign up with us, we will send you business tips that will surely make a very positive difference.

5. We have established strong relationships with our wholesale distributor network. Many have been
supplying our members with their products for over 15 years. The wholesale distributors within our
network trust us. They know that we will not sign up dealers without basic things like a tax id.

6. Our wholesale service packages are not available to the general public. Your sources are protected from
the public eye. Most of the other wholesale services on the web will sell their services to anyone, with or
without a tax id. They are not concerned about results.

7. Buy below wholesale. Our service will connect your business with multiple distributors that email specials
to your business each month that are far below standard wholesale pricing. Your business will gain a competitive
edge instantly.

8. One on One phone support by our experts. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Give
us a try. (951) 319-8485  7am to 7pm Pacific. We are friendly and professional. We have 20+ years of knowledge about the  wholesale distribution and drop ship industry. We know what works. Let us help you
avoid costly mistakes.

9. Access to 24/7 online data-base of the absolute best of the best wholesale distributors here in the
USA. Due to language and currency barriers, we do not connect your business with over seas wholesalers.
Trust me, you will be glad you connected with USA based wholesale distributors. Faster shipments, easy communication, no currency barrier. No more waiting 4 to 6 weeks for a shipment - only to then discover they sent the wrong products.

10. Top brands. We connect your business with well known and respected brands.

11. Drop shipping. No need to lay out big bucks on inventory. We will connect your business with the
best wholesale drop shippers that will pack and ship your sales directly to your customer.

12. Inventory files and feeds. Load your webstore with thousands of products easily and effectively.
Save time and money. No need to hire someone to do data-entry for you.

13. No more calling around trying to connect with real distributors. We contact our network of
wholesale distributors for you. Within 24 hours, you will begin to hear from the distributors. Life is
much easier when the distributors come to you.

14. We have many manufacturers in our network that are willing to deal directly with our members.
We have done the hard part for you. The relationships have already been made for you.

15. Often your business will be offered "authorized dealer status" directly - from many manufacturers that
we have relationships with.

16. We are highly rated. Our reviews speak for themselves. Take a peek at our reviews here

17. We started out as factory reps for many manufacturers. We learned the business inside and out. We have
been in the audio and musical industry since the 80's.

Give us a call at (951) 319-8485  Lets discuss your business plan and get you connected to the proper
wholesale sources within just 24 hours.

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